Become the best version of yourself.
Whether in quarantine or in a world without pandemics, people are going to journey - and your internal freedoms are a right, not a privilege. Speak with one of our multifaceted, multitalented, experienced and trained psychologists, life coaches, facilitators, and/or guides on any of the various stages of journeying like the preparation, session, and/or integration.
We believe that the integration is as, if not more, important than the journey. 

Our Coaches Can Help With...


1-3 months leading up to the experience, we compile the current and most trusted research with our careful expertise in providing safety and security.


During the entire session, or for parts, we guide you into an optimal experience of insights, lessons learned, and profound growth.


3-6 months after the experience, we coach you on what you learned and the decisions to make now, given the downloads you received in session.





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